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It's hard to enjoy life when feet hurt!

Finding solutions for foot pain can be exhausting. Good news! You've found local experts ready and willing to set your feet free in Cary NC! We provide the one-on-one service you’ve been looking for. No self-service or guessing in our store! When’s the last time you had your feet measured? We still measure your feet - two different ways. You can also experience our state of the art digital scan of your unique foot contours. Learn from our gait analysis to see how your feet affect your entire body. You’d be surprised how much a foot problem can affect your legs, hips, back and even neck. We really are so much more than a shoe store. Learn more from your FREE evaluation.

We’ve served Cary, Apex, Raleigh and  beyond for over 12 years. We’d be honored to serve your needs.

Whether you’re a doctor, teacher, stay-at-home parent, long distance runner or nurse on your feet all day we’ll help develop solutions specific to your life.


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