SHOEHQ is Really About YOU

As you look through our customer reviews or talk with a friend who's been here you’ll notice a few common themes. 12 years focusing on our customers' needs means solutions based on their circumstances. We're here to understand your needs and deliver your solutions.

Knowledgeable – Our team knows a lot about feet, their problems and footwear solutions. With over 40 years of combined experience we’ve seen a lot of feet. We’ve also helped thousands of folks with common problems like plantar fasciitis, bunions, neuromas, knee pain and much more. Schedule your free evaluation so we can help you.

Friendly – we keep a light and fun atmosphere in the store. Just because your foot issues may be serious we can approach your healing in a joyful way. After all, getting your life back from pain is reason to celebrate. Plus it’s fun trying on comfortable shoes that look great!

Patient – Getting to know you, your feet and your story takes time. We won’t rush you because we want to give you the best solutions possible. It all begins and ends with you.


In particular, Anne seems to understand problems and how to solve them with the products sold. She listens to the problems and is very responsive.

- N. Jones

Sales staff are very knowledgeable about their products. I enjoy shopping for my footwear at ShoeHQ of Cary.

- J. Dillon

The customer service is outstanding. The shoes and inserts make a difference in the comfort of my legs and back.

- S. Sedaghat

I was given more attention and assistance in the store than at my foot doctor. Look forward to returning soon!

- R. Crosby

I like the individual service you give to solve foot problems, I very much like the time you spend not to rush a customer when making selection and any time you did not have the product, you very graciously ordered it. I appreciate all aspects of your customer service. Thanks for always making me feel special.

C. Booth

The brands of shoes carried are excellent. The service is usually excellent. The only problem is that there is frequently a long wait for help. The staff is always helpful and friendly.

Z & M Torres

The quality is first rate and the service is outstanding. As a result of the care,time, and patience of the staff, I am pain free for the first time in years.
Many Thanks!

J Summers

Service:  Anne was fantastic.  Although she must have worked witith me for two hours or more she never showed any reaction other than patience and a genuine interest to fit me in shoes that were comfortable accomadating my hammertoes. I might also add that due to a hadicap that slows me down and makes getting up and down to walk in the many many different styles difficult Anne never reacted in any way that she was in a hurry or annoyed. I have worn two pair of the 3 I purchased and her expertise in finding just the right ones and proper fit resulted in a very pleased customer. I will be back at some point I hope to be fortunate enough to have her help in again.

Product: stylish and comfortable.

S Armington

Thank you for caring about your customers! Your help to find the right solution for each problem goes beyond the ordinary.

P&W Herring

Staff is always friendly and helpful and the products are first quality.

K Ball

Large selection of shoes with high arch support. Very friendly, well-trained staff.

L Reylek