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Footwear is more than shoes. Footwear includes items like socks, arch supports, heel lifts and custom orthotics. You’ll experience the best performance, the best solutions and maximum comfort when your footwear works in unison.


When you suffer from a serious heel pain like plantar fasciitis having proper footwear means you heal faster and get back to your life sooner. If you have diabetes proper footwear can literally save your feet from amputation!

If you have hard-to-fit narrow or wide feet or bunions or hammertoes you already know the importance of properly coordinated footwear.

We help you every step of the way. We’ve seen thousands of feet with many issues over the past 12  years and we stand ready to help you.

Life is good when feet are comfortable.

We keep a lifetime record of your footwear needs, recommendations and purchases.

Whether it’s next month or years later we’ve got you covered.

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Arch Supports & Custom Orthotics

Some of the most powerful footwear isn’t even seen. Arch supports and custom-made orthotics can truly change the lives of those who wear them. We’re so confident we offer a money back guarantee on our custom-made products. Come see why so many love our arch support products.

Shoe HQ


Contrary to some beliefs, foot pain is not the norm. Comfort often results from proper footwear strategy – say what? Once we get your feet healthy, knowing what to wear and when to wear it makes it possible to sport almost anything for a limited time. We’ll show you options to help navigate the ups and downs of busy feet and keep you moving.